The POMM® SAFETY platform and device are designed to help enterprise workers remain connected in the event of an emergency for quicker response.

POMM® SAFETY - Handheld Device


POMM® SAFETY provides innovative, real-time solutions to leverage technology and improve safety and security. POMM® SAFETY is a mobile quick-response system designed to protect your valuable human resources in the event of an emergency. Industrial and fast-pace enterprise environments can be unforgiving and full of challenges that can put one or more team members in harm’s way—and this is where POMM® SAFETY lives up to its acronym for Peace of Mind Monitor.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) covers a wide variety of codes designed to ensure the safety of personnel—including how to handle emergencies and evacuation plans. POMM® SAFETY supports many of the codes by providing an effective way to communicate with personnel, as well as allowing team members to initiate communication in the event of an emergency.



When your team members carry a POMM® SAFETY device, they know you are keeping them safe from harm, with the ability to call for help at a moment’s notice in the event of an emergency.


With the push of a button, POMM® SAFETY can connect a team mate to those tasked with monitoring their safety—allowing quick two-way communication that can keep them protected.


In combination with your facility’s safety prevention policies, POMM® SAFETY creates awareness for any potential threats. This allows team members to remain vigilant and mindful at all times.


Connected Technology

POMM® SAFETY uses 4G technology for constant connection to a network.

Emergency Response

With POMM® SAFETY, help is only a push of a button away—ensuring team members’ safety.

Lightweight and Durable

Using a lightweight electronic device, POMM® SAFETY can be carried in any industrial environment.

Quick Response

At the first sign of trouble, activating the POMM® SAFETY device can initiate emergency support.

2-Way Communication

POMM® SAFETY allows hands-free communication using its powerful microphone and speaker.

On-Call Safety

POMM® SAFETY is a connected safety buoy that works long shifts to keep workers safe and sound.